Happy Christmas 2009

I’m sure it goes without saying that this has been quite a year for us. Here is a month by month snapshot of the wild adventures of the Childers.

had us trusting in God’s faithfulness to provide enough clients for Wes to work from home as a freelance designer/developer Download zoomania for free. The company he worked for since he graduated from college shut its doors in December 2008. God was amazing and did provide enough. Also, Sarah turned 31 this month.

In February we were in for another surprise, when the first and only interview that Wes decided to go on turned into a full time job at Augusta Sportswear download google chrome 64 bit. This has been a great company to work for and it is such a huge blessing to our family.

March came around and we were already READY for baby Dragon to be here, even though he or she wasn’t due until June 9. (We still didn’t know whether we were having a boy or a girl).

In April, Wes turned 31. Masters week we rented our house out to some fellows from Germany Download apps huawei.

Week 29

In May, it became clear that baby Dragon was coming soon and since he/she wouldn’t turn over, Sarah was scheduled for surgery on May 26th. Ruby Jude Childers was born around 1:00 p.m. and she was 6 lbs. 6 oz. and 19 inches long.

June is a blur for us how can I youtube movie. We were tired. Sweet baby Ruby got colic in her second week. We held her all the time so that she would be comforted. Those days seem like so long ago now, but that was such a hard time for our family! So blessed that we all made it through and the Ruby is strong, heathy and happy.

Tutu Lynn came to visit for 2 weeks in July. We loved having her so much that she ended up staying until August 24th, only 2 days before Ruby turned 3 months old 7z download free windows. Tutu helped us through the colic times, including helping watch Ruby for Sarah when she went back to work at The Augusta Chronicle. Sarah only went back for two weeks because she had decided to stay at home with Ruby.

I love Tutu Lynn (can't you tell)

With August came the end of Ruby’s colic – YEAY – and a neat stay-at-home work opportunity for Sarah at Westminster Schools of Augusta microsoft word kostenlos downloaden 2010. Sarah works from home Monday – Wednesday and then goes into the office on Thursdays. Mema and Papa Childers watch Ruby on Thursdays and they all have a blast together.

September was a sweet month for our family. Ruby felt better, and we were learning the new balance between work and family.

Wes, Ruby and Buckley

Our family’s first ROAD TRIP was in October Download minecraft for free german full version windows 10. We almost forgot to find a place for our dog, Buckley, to stay while we were gone. Fortunately, Mema and Papa were willing. I guess our priorities and focus really have changed. We’re trying to to better, but every once in a while, poor Buckley is scratching at the door wondering why no one will come let him back inside lion download. Oops! Anyway, the road trip to April’s wedding in Atlanta was very fun. Ruby’s loves traveling.

my girls

Ruby’s first Thanksgiving was also her 6 month birthday. We celebrated in November with her first rice cereal. She has since decided that she doesn’t like it. Our fingers crossed that she’s not as picky about food as her mom coole spiele kostenlos downloaden vollversion pc. She recently has just tried bananas and loves them. We think they smell gross.

Ruby's first cereal - again.

And here we are in December, wishing all of you a Happy Christmas herunterladen. We hope that your year has been as incredible as ours. Ruby will crawl soon and we cannot believe how the time is flying by.

DSC_0220 6

To see more photos of our journey as a family, check out our Flickr page. Have a safe and merry holiday season.

Wes, Sarah, Ruby and yes, even Buckley Childers

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