Personal Lent Traditions

Though our church as a whole doesn’t participate in giving up vices as part of the Easter season, over the past few years I’ve made the personal choice to forgo two things herunterladen.

First, I gave up fast food. Without going into detail, there is a pretty specific reason I give this up. It’s a practice in discipline for me to commit to the 40 days without “drive-thrus.”

The other thing I go without is iPhone games cewe photobook software for free. I spend HOURS each week tapping away at my screen. Hours that are relaxing and enjoyable, but of all the things I do that are not adding anything to my life, this is the biggest one rechnung herunterladen. I’ve read at least 10 books during this year’s 40 days, a testament to how much time I could be playing Pocket Mine or Candy Crush.

The odd thing about giving these things up, is I miss them… EVERY DAY youtube ganze playlist downloaden mp4! It’s not like when I hear some people say, “After the first few days without sugar (or whatever), I don’t even miss it anymore.” I really want to eat a chicken biscuit private videos from youtube. I really want to play games on my phone.

All this to say, I don’t do these things to make myself a better person. I can’t do that, only my Savior can unfallbericht downloaden. I do this a a tiny, small, itty-bitty sacrifice to remind myself of just how much he gave for me. The things I give up hurt; they have value in my life download motivation letter template. They are personal things, often not understood by someone else. I am okay with that, because it’s not about someone else understanding. It’s about the reminder that my amazing, beautiful life and everything in it is a gift bestowed upon me by someone who loves me more than I can even imagine free mp3 download van youtube.

If you need to find me Saturday, Apr. 19 (after Lent is officially over), I’ll be at Chick-fil-A, with breakfast in one hand and my iPhone in the other herunterladen.

15. April 2014 by Sarah
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