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Just a dash…

I’ve been able to cook meals regularly enough, now that I stay-at-home, to get a good feel for herbs and spices and what they do. Anymore, I find myself saying, “You know what this needs? Oregano!”

I add onions, minced garlic, and pepper to hamburger patties; put white pepper and diced jalapeno in my pimento cheese; even found myself pimping out my hot ramen with some things this last weekend. And I usually use the palm of my hand instead of a measuring spoon. HOW DOMESTIC!

But I am not claiming to be fancy because my top three flavor enhancing ingredients have not changed. My classic, personal ‘trifecta of condiments’ are: peanut butter, ranch dressing, and hot sauce. Once you are working with these ingredients, the food becomes instantly amazing, no additional spices or herbs needed.

18. July 2011 by Sarah
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