Baby Talk

There are so many things that Ruby just cannot quite pronounce yet, and though I do correct her so that she doesn’t forever call a spoon a “poost” I wanted to document them all because BABY TALK IS CUTE spartipp-haushaltsbuch herunterladen!

Pizza is “Pee-pa” or “Pitz-pat”
I Broke It is “I broke-ed-ded-ded”
Every ball is called “Soccer!”
Car noise is “bee-beet”
She calls her little lovie blanket, “banket”
“Buck-wee” the dog
Still uses “gwee gwee” for penguin
Loves to say doggie, fishie, kitty herunterladen. We taught her dog, fish, cat.

Her first sentences:
I see it.
Sarah, come here NOW! – like we call the dog, haha
Thank you

There are A LOT more and I will add them as they come up netflix serien kostenlosen.

18. April 2011 by Sarah
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