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Cow Appreciation Day

Today is a super-fun, annual tradition for my friend, Julie and me. Our “friend-aversary” is on Cow Appreciation Day, which is held each July at Chick-fil-A restaurants. The store gives a free entree to people who wear a partial cow … Continue reading

12. July 2013 by Sarah
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I’m an Artist?

So, last night I created what Christian on “Clueless” would call a ‘Monet.” Looks good from far, but up close, what a mess. My friend Beky hosted a painting party, where each attendee is given the supplies to create the … Continue reading

10. July 2013 by Sarah
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This Woman’s Work | Greg Laswell

July This cover of the song, originally by Maxwell, is so beautiful. This song came to me randomly, two days in a row, via different venues. I think that’s enough to rule this my official July song obsession. The rest … Continue reading

05. July 2013 by Sarah
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Southern Love

I moved to Atlanta, Georgia from southern California in 2001. I then moved to North Augusta, South Carolina in 2004. With 10-plus years in the south, I am still appreciative of some of the special things that make this area … Continue reading

02. July 2013 by Sarah
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