Southern Love

752px-Flag-map_of_South_Carolina_svgI moved to Atlanta, Georgia from southern California in 2001 siemens logo. I then moved to North Augusta, South Carolina in 2004. With 10-plus years in the south, I am still appreciative of some of the special things that make this area so special download protected pdf. There are so many awesome things that I never saw, tasted or experienced until my early 20s.

I’m not an artful writer, so I’ll make a list instead assassins creed black flag for free.

  1. Mist on rivers
  2. Casseroles (green bean, hash brown, sweet potato, sour cream chicken)
  3. Hush puppies
  4. Fireflies (I think they are called lightning bugs here) wortspiele kostenlos downloaden. I thought these were not actually real. I know that sounds funny, but I’d never seen one and it just had never come up
  5. Warm ocean water – I knew this was in the tropics, but am so pleased to be able to experience this each summer, without a plane ride
  6. Cardinals – our yard has these beautiful red birds, along with deer, squirrels, raccoons, the occasional possum and one goofy, doofus of a dog
  7. Pimento cheese – I’m a fan of the old Master’s pimento cheese, before they changed it whatsapp gratis downloaden. My newest favorite brand is Palmetto Pimento Cheese. So good…
  8. Traditions – from taking your maiden name as you middle when you marry to exceptional manners, southern people have a way of cherishing family and their culture in a very special way

Even with the GIANT bugs and humidity, I feel blessed to call the south my home herunterladen. I love it here!



02. July 2013 by Sarah
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