It’s no secret to anyone around me much since January, I am addicted to Zumba. I truly love and enjoy it. It’s help me outlet my frustration and keep my number of “down” days infrequent klingeltöne für android kostenlos downloaden. I’m also in pretty good shape and was even able to complete a 5 mile mud run challenge because of it.

I love many of the Y’s teachers, but especially Christina and Athena download at deezer. They are extremely encouraging and do a fun but challenging class. They are also kind, caring and amazing women. I don’t have any video of them skoobe. I wish they would post some!!!!!! But, this below is one of the routines that we do in classes that I really enjoy. My shoulder shimmy is still a little rough, but it’s come a long way herunterladen.

Zumba-hey Zumba-hay!

07. August 2011 by Sarah
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