I’m Feeling… 37. But in a good way!

I’ve spent most of today, my 37th birthday, reflecting on the past year. it’s been a fantastic one!

After semi-consistently working out for 4 years, this was the year I felt like an actual athlete smileys herunterladen computer. I set fitness goals and achieved some of the short-term ones. I got sports-related injuries and learned and recovered from them. I kept going.

I ate some amazing food mp3 converter youtube mac kostenlos download. This is the year I really began to experience all the deliciousness that smoked ribs have to offer. I tried some good ones and some not so good ones. Yes, they have ribs at IKEA in Charlotte chip video. No, I cannot recommend them.

I watched my child do some growing up that simultaneously makes me proud and hurts my heart. Ruby is growing up so fast and its precious and amazing and heartbreaking and hard and worth it to be her mom herunterladen windos 10.

I deepened some friendships, I persevered in some and I let go of some. I cherish the people that were there for me and loved being there for them download movies austria. Even when it involved having to keep their happy secrets.

I know myself a lot better than I used to and I have confidence in who I am. I took ownership of some thins, I accept some things and I let go of some things mac update herunterladen. I pursued rainbows, glitter and unicorns with reckless abandon. I had fun. I cried. I laughed.

I enjoyed parenting with and learning more about Wes microsoft word 2006 vollversion kostenlos downloaden. we celebrated 10 years married. I miss him when he’s gone. Life is better with him in it.

I treasure this special year because it’s not every year that you can look back and feel so overwhelmed with the amazing journey slither.io spiel kostenlos herunterladen. Sometimes it’s hard and that’s okay. but this year… it really, really wasn’t. It was more than I deserve and defiantly more than I’d ever imagine herunterladen. Grateful to God for such an amazing season of life.

28. January 2015 by Sarah
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