Today Ruby did some neat things. By neat, I mean we find them interesting since she is such a big part of our life. being a parent is such a cool experience Download epub files for free!

First, she started skipping today. it’s more like a hopping gallop but it was so cute and funny and she had so much fun figuring it out.

Second, we had a big breakthrough on our communication skype for free nederlands. For at least several months, Ruby has used “don’t like” instead of “don’t want.” For instance, “I don’t like cheezits,” which anyone who has spent any time with her know is NOT and could never be the case warzone free pc download.

Anyway, at lunch, she let me know she didn’t WANT yogurt, but she did want her tortilla chips.

I’m so excited to watch her learn and grow windows 7 32 bit iso! What a precious gift.

09. November 2011 by Sarah
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