Southern Love

752px-Flag-map_of_South_Carolina_svgI moved to Atlanta, Georgia from southern California in 2001. I then moved to North Augusta, South Carolina in 2004. With 10-plus years in the south, I am still appreciative of some of the special things that make this area so special. There are so many awesome things that I never saw, tasted or experienced until my early 20s.

I’m not an artful writer, so I’ll make a list instead.

  1. Mist on rivers
  2. Casseroles (green bean, hash brown, sweet potato, sour cream chicken)
  3. Hush puppies
  4. Fireflies (I think they are called lightning bugs here). I thought these were not actually real. I know that sounds funny, but I’d never seen one and it just had never come up
  5. Warm ocean water – I knew this was in the tropics, but am so pleased to be able to experience this each summer, without a plane ride
  6. Cardinals – our yard has these beautiful red birds, along with deer, squirrels, raccoons, the occasional possum and one goofy, doofus of a dog
  7. Pimento cheese – I’m a fan of the old Master’s pimento cheese, before they changed it. My newest favorite brand is Palmetto Pimento Cheese. So good…
  8. Traditions – from taking your maiden name as you middle when you marry to exceptional manners, southern people have a way of cherishing family and their culture in a very special way

Even with the GIANT bugs and humidity, I feel blessed to call the south my home. I love it here!



02. July 2013 by Sarah
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