Cleopatra MakeUp for Halloween

I bought a black wig and found a Cleopatra costume at Goodwill, so I decided to go with it and be Cleopatra for Halloween this year. I had bought the wig with hopes of dressing at Katy Perry, but couldn’t think of a way to do it without have to have a very elaborate costume. Someday…

At any rate, here is a step-by-step guide to my makeup experiment. I’m hoping to invest in some makeup brushes soon, which will help with the application. Also, I should’ve sprung for a black eyeliner that wasn’t $0.99!

Lipstick: Loreal Refined Ruby
Eyeliner: Wet n’ Wild Black
Eyeshadow: Benefit Birthday Suit
Moisturizer: Aveeno (Tinted)
Eyelashes: Target Costume Lashes with glitter base

Note: I don’t use mascara with fake lashes, but if you do, please make sure to apply before the lashes and let it fully dry.

01. November 2011 by Sarah
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