Finding the Light

To say that this year has been wonderful would be an understatement, but there have also been some really difficult things that both people we love and we ourselves have had to deal with. I’ve had some great friends to walk through this with and some great conversations about Jesus’ role in our lives through the tough things. Here are a few things I could write a novel on, but will just share briefly instead. :)

Jesus has really sustained us through this time. I’ve really come to terms (for now anyway) that I cannot fix things and do everything on my own and how much I need him in my life.

When the world seems overcome in darkness, I turn to the light. The happy things. This life is truly wonderful gift but sometimes it takes effort to remember that. I am so grateful for all I have. I am incredibly blessed.

Finding joy, working through sorrow and shaking it out! This song has meant a lot to me lately. Perhaps if you need encouragement, it will encourage you as well.

17. March 2012 by Sarah
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