::How-To:: Shop at Wee-peats Consignment Sale

My Wee-Peats Children’s Consignment Sale shopping tips:

  1. Take BIG TOTE BAGS – I use my Ikea ones. They don’t have baskets, so you’ll need to carry your own things.
  2. Bring a buddy. From helping select items, to keeping you accountable to your budget, to saving your place in line to get that “one last thing” this is a must!
  3. Pack water and a snack. If you go at a peak time, you will be there a while.
  4. Make a list of your must-haves and look for those first.
  5. Dress in layers. They are in a temporary space, so it may be hot or cold.
  6. Don’t be afraid to complement the event organizers. Believe me, they’ve already heard the criticism, so being sweet to them would be appreciated. They are working hard FOR US!


7. Come ready to enjoy the experience. There may be lines and chaos. There may be grumpy shoppers. But, there are good deals to be had and I LOVE every minute.

05. February 2013 by Sarah
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