It’s Worth the Money

While on vacation, my toenail polish chipped so I decided to buy some new polish wie kann ich musik von youtube downloaden legal. I’d really hate spending the week in sandals with one busted-looking toe. Vanity, I know.

Instead of just grabbing a cheap color, I bought some by Essie film von youtube herunterladen. I’ve read some good stuff on Pinterest about this brand and wanted to test it out on pools and beach sand to see if it really is worth the money tax 2019.

At any rate, the Essie ‘Smokin’ Hot’ (dark grey) has really stood up to the elements here, even without a topcoat. It’s still shiny and hasn’t chipped congratulations to. I really like it, but will probably only buy classic colors. Buying crazy/bright colors will still be reserved for Wet n’ Wild.

04. April 2012 by Sarah
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