Opinions are Funny Things

I got some unsolicited parenting advice today, which really isn’t that unusual, honestly. Although well meaning, I didn’t think she was going to get anywhere with me considering her starting sentence was, “Do you know that humans are the only mammals that drink milk from other mammals?” In my head, my sarcastic and sinful reply was, “We are also the only mammals that DRIVE CARS!” but I didn’t want to shatter her entire belief system to it’s core herunterladen.

Instead, I tried to open my mind and hear her points, most of which are pretty well informed. I told her I would look into other options besides dairy for calcium and vitamin D for Ruby, but I would need to find something pretty realistic for a toddler herunterladen. So, I am guessing there will be no major changes in her diet anytime soon, considering the battle that mealtime can be already.

This was a good reminder for me, to try to keep my opinions to myself unless requested Download music from youtube on handy. Even when well-meaning, it usually just lends way for an awkward conversation. Which is why I try not to “Dave Ramsey” people, even though I can feel it rising inside when financial topics come up cossacks 3. Someone mentions buying a car and I want to interject, “Of course you mean a used car and you want to save up and pay cash only for it?” Wow, that would super annoying to the person that was just wanting to talk about what kind of car to get audible for free.

So anyway, I will control myself, no matter how many times I know JUST HOW TO FIX so-and-so. Chances are, they know already and just don’t care adobe acrobat professional 7 kostenlos downloaden. ha

25. January 2011 by Sarah
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