Embracing Thirty-Three

I am more than a little proud of myself download whatsapp pdf. Instead of dreading my birthday like I did the past two years, I’ve decided to just go with it. A few things have happened recently that helped me to realize that I AM GETTING OLDER and I can fight it, or figure it out mp navigator ex.

Weird Things/Surprises About Being An Adult

  • Jersey Shore and other MTV shows bother me. I used to watch all of them herunterladen.
  • I have an “investments guy.” Because someday I’m going to be (gasp) old.
  • I saw a recent headline “Justin Beiber tweets at the little girl who was nominated for an Oscar for True Grit.” This is news, really videos easter for free?
  • I love being a stay-at-home mom. I never, never thought this would be me–but it really is a perfect fit.
  • There is a scene in the movie “Date Night” where the mom says her fantasy is to be alone in a air conditioned, quiet hotel room with a diet Sprite facebook download your own video. I totally get it.
  • I miss being bored and lazy Saturdays.
  • My favorite material possession is a robot vacuum.
  • The most fun thing at Christmas really WAS the gift giving Keyboard for mobile download. For real.
  • I think that most current R&B sounds the same and I long for the hits of my youth, like Bobby Brown and Janet.
  • I miss driving my truck but I am glad we still own it herunterladen.
  • The amount of “multi-vitamins” I take each day. Why can’t they just put it all in one?

Things I Need to Work On (STILL)

  • Being secure in who I am and accept that I can’t be best pals with everyone I want to invest in sims 3 hauptspiel kostenlos downloaden.
  • Being disciplined about bedtime and waking (it’s been since I was a teen, so I’ve not progressed here much).
  • Asking for help when I need it download project.
  • Keeping up the house/laundry.
  • LOTS MORE!!!!!!

It’s time to celebrate, not make a list of all my flaws, right?

Good Things About My Life

  • I’m more often able to recognize when to be okay with an unresolved relationship and know that I did what I could to repair it herunterladen.
  • I like my taste in clothes, home decor, music, etc. very much. And I’m less worried if others will think it’s “uncool.”
  • My student loan is gone, both cars are paid for, we are working toward the house now.
  • I am a MOM and a WIFE! Thank you Lord for these gifts.
  • I can better prioritize our family and commitments.
  • Working out at the gym 3 – 4 times a week.
  • Times when I actually pray alone and spend time in the Word.

There is more I can add to this list. Growing older with Wes, starting a family, everything is full of ups, downs and surprises. But man, am I enjoying the ride!

27. January 2011 by Sarah
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