The Ups & Downs of Potty Training

The good news, Ruby is staying dry throughout the daytime, including her nap. I’m immensely proud of her and 30 months did really seem to be the ‘magic’ time for her readiness herunterladen.

There are a few things that don’t often come up and because they can be a little gross, I’ll try to be careful about my advise.

  1. You have to wash your child’s and your own hands OFTEN peak flow meter table download for free. Really, really often. I’d suggest a foaming, non-alcoholic hand sanitizer to save you some time and keep your hands from cracking from the dryness download waipu recording.
  2. Most children aren’t ready to #2 in the sitting position at the same time they start frequently going #1 that way. I’ve heard that many kids just go in their pants, but I have a diva that doesn’t like to go in her underwear, in her diaper or on the potty farming simulator 19 to. This leads to something called ‘constipation due to withholding’ (you know, POOP). My poor daughter waits until she has a new choice and then cries while she goes 3d raumplaner downloaden. It’s hard for me to not be able to help her avoid pain, but there’s not much I can do but keep trying to teach her.
  3. Incentives work really well jtc fernseher app herunterladen. We used wooden puzzles for big milestones – going several times in one day on the potty, dry for a day, first #2 on the potty, etc. We also are about to take her to Build-a-Bear to pick out her new pal of choice for staying dry during the day for a full 7 days Download office 2016 with key.
  4. Don’t expect to have a dry-at-night child until much later, in most cases. Ruby is hit-or-miss right now. Also, I still have her in a crib and will keep her there until age 3 unless she starts wanting to potty in the middle of the night download app samsung. This has yet to happen.
  5. Most importantly, PLEASE follow your instincts. You are the mom/dad and you really do know best for your kids herunterladen. Try not to compare or stress. It will happen eventually and you’ll be glad you didn’t force the situation. It’s hard enough on everyone with adjusting to something new Download windows 8 update manually.

I’m so amazed by my awesome, incredible, amazing daughter and I’m enjoying this journey so much!

05. December 2011 by Sarah
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