Self Portraits

So the other day while Ruby was having her Valentine’s photo shoot, I noticed the light coming in through our storm door would be perfect to use to try to take some photos of myself minecraft nintendo 3ds kostenlos downloaden. Like most women, I struggle with insecurities and things I don’t like about myself, but I really love my eye color. Or should I say my dad’s eye color, since I got my peepers from him arte tv film?

Anyway, my eyes always change color when in pure daylight and I wanted to try to capture it. I don’t have to use this special power now that I am married, but I used to strategically pick seats and tables where I could gaze out the window Download computer games for free. Ah, the silly things girls do on dates. Anyway, here are the photos. This was a good day and I am glad I have the pictures of Ruby and of me to remember it by kun je netflix films downloaden op je laptop.

I didn’t use retouching or anything, mostly since I don’t know how to. Pardon my aging and mildly ruddy skin.

15. February 2011 by Sarah
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